Vegan Beef Wellington (V)

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A vegan twist on a classic dish. This will surely leave your guests speechless.

Product Information

Vegan loaf made with wild Mushrooms, Lentils, walnuts, Herbs & Spices. wrapped in a vegan Puff Pastry & baked to golden perfection served with a Mushroom gravy.

Serving Size

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This will serve 6-8 servings. Order the number of loaves that will feed your crowd.

Product Details

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Toasted walnuts that have been ground into a meatlike consistency, with savory lentil bean and earthy mushrooms is the perfect recipe for a party in your mouth. Wrapped in flaky pastry dough and smothered with a rich mushroom gravy, this is a dish that you and your guests will be more than thankful to share amongst loved ones.